14 reasons you can't afford to miss TCMA 2016 - The Content Marketing Academy 2016 The Content Marketing Academy 2016

14 reasons you can’t afford to miss TCMA 2016

It’s been almost two months since TCMA 2015 and within hours of the event many of the delegates took to the Internet to share the unique experience they had.

I’ve released 25 tickets with a 25% discount, which is specifically for those that genuinely couldn’t make it to TCMA 2015. This is a saving of £100 and once they’re gone they’re gone.

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14 reasons why you should take action TODAY

1. A wealth of truly inspiring information

“A couple of weeks ago Dave and I went to the Content Marketing Academy in Edinburgh. Hosted by Chris Marr, this is the only content marketing workshop in Scotland and with all the hype, it was set to be an interesting two days.

With speakers from all over the UK and a special workshop from Marcus Sheridan, it was more than interesting – it was a wealth of truly inspiring information.”

– Maria Drummond and David Hay

2. Overwhelmed by the volume of support people gave me

“It was amazing to meet all the people I know online, face to face for the first time. The community that Chris has created is just phenomenal and I’m proud to say that I call all these people friends. I was overwhelmed by the volume of support people gave me, asking how the business is going and telling me they’ve been following our journey.

I can’t wait for the conference next year. It’s important now for me to act on everything I learned!”

– Gavin Bell

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3. It was truly amazing and I was so happy to be a part of it all

“This was VERY different – it was actually a very emotional experience as you saw people around the room just ‘getting’ content marketing.

People who didn’t really get blogging were seeing how it could impact their business, their clients and their lives. It was truly amazing and I was so happy to be a part of it all.”

– Kate McQuillan

4. Far more that just somewhere you go to listen to someone talk for 30 mins

“The content marketing academy conference is far more that just somewhere you go to listen to someone talk for 30 mins. It is special, Chris Marr has created a community that has a bit of magic to it. It is hard to pinpoint what exactly it is but you can really feel it when you are there.

My biggest thanks has to go to Chris Marr because without him none of what I experienced would have been possible.”

– Kevin Gallagher

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5. TCMA2015 was a perfectly formed conference

“There was an underlying connectivity at this event that I sensed the moment that I walked into the building on Thursday morning, from that point on everywhere I looked and each way I turned I was meeting completely open and friendly folk who were looking to learn, teach and share. A community in fact.

TCMA2015 was a perfectly formed conference that wasn’t really a conference, it was a workshop, a course, a seminar, a social gathering, a series of presentations by top drawer speakers.”

– Gerry King

6. It felt similar to going to the cinema to see an amazing film

“I have done nothing but think of the event. It felt similar to going to the cinema to see an amazing film, going to the theatre to see an amazing show, going to see a live gig of an amazing artist…… ONLY BETTER.

You know when something has hit home when it consumes your brain for the following days”

– Debbie Kemp

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7. The day my business changed forever

“Today will go down as the day my business changed forever.

Chris Marr has created a unique community and delivered the best business event I’ve ever attended. The perfect blend of knowledge and inspirational motivation – it will live long in the memory. It’s given me the direction, and the drive to do more, and to be more.

For that, I am eternally grateful.”

– Kevin Anderson

8. I was so excited to meet all my friends

“I couldn’t wait for The Content Marketing Academy 2015 in Edinburgh. My buddy Chris Marr was the organiser. I’d loved last year’s event. But the main reason I was so excited was to meet all my friends (actual and virtual) who are part of Chris’s online community.

Oh, and meeting Marcus Sheridan, the keynote speaker!”

– Laura Lucas

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9. The best workshop and conference I have ever attended

“A massive thanks to Chris Marr for organising what has been the best workshop and conference I have ever attended.

Last week I attended a half day workshop and full day conference in the fine city of Edinburgh and it has changed my life. I know, I know I can hear you tut and see you as you roll your eyes back in your head and thinking yeah, whatever you say buddy. I can hardly believe it myself, because come on now, we all know that most conferences are pretty goddamned dull!

Well I can assure you that The Content Marketing Academy 2015, TCMA2015 for short, was superb and an actual life changing event for me and this is how it did it.”

– Col Gray

10. There certainly was a lot of love in the room

“What was most powerful about TCMA 2015 was the community spirit, as well as the enthusiasm for helping one another’s businesses grow. There certainly was a lot of love in the room!

Much of this we have Chris and his team to thank for – they have done a fantastic job of building the Content Marketing communities online, and a lot of hard work went into bringing in the calibre of keynote speakers we were treated to – so thank you!

We’ve all come a long way in a short space of time, and it’s really exciting to see what routes our content takes in the months to come.”

– Allan Corfield

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11. My belief level shot through the roof

“I truly believe something rather amazing happened as Marcus said his closing words. Who else had the odd tear, or yikes was that only me! I was moved by the profound effect content marketing can have on a business and family. For me in that moment my belief level shot through the roof (didn’t think it could go any higher after the workshop!)

Correct me if I’m wrong but I felt a massive vibe, as if everyone is pulling for each other. Isn’t it great having met online via this group and then meeting in person!

With 2 full days of speakers planned for June 2016 I’m excited . Even more so I can’t wait to meet everyone again.”

– Andy Brown

12. Everyone I spoke to was so friendly and welcoming

“I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to Chris Marr and his team for an AMAZING couple of days. I enjoyed every speaker and everyone I spoke to was so friendly and welcoming. If you are thinking of going to next year’s event, I’d save your place now and put the date in your diary. Top marks all round. Thank you!”

– Karen Strunks

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13. A life changing experience

“I have never experienced an atmosphere quite like Thursday afternoon with Marcus. I don’t think I saw a single person zone out for even a millisecond.

In January I had a conversation with Chris about whether or not I would attend the workshop part of the event. The reason I was debating it was because I had already watched and listened to so much of Marcus’s content and wondered if it was worth hearing it all again.

Nothing could have prepared me for just how wrong that was. I feel so lucky to have been there.

Thank you so much for a life changing experience.”

– Julie Christie

14. Easily the best audience in terms of the quality of the people

“I told Chris recently that the audience at Scotland was easily the best audience in terms of the quality of the people that I have had the chance of presenting to in 2015. And for those wondering, I’ve given over 65 keynotes and workshops this year, so I do have a pretty good comparative analysis.

Without running on too long, let me just thank each one of you for being who you are and your faith in the idea that each one of us can be better and do something better with our lives and with our businesses. I will be cheering you on from my little corner of the world. Please stay in touch.”

– Marcus Sheridan

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Can you afford NOT to be there?

The opportunity cost of NOT being at TCMA 2016 is enormous. Everything comes with a price, and the price of not grabbing this education and experience when it’s available to you will be high.

If you still have questions just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.



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