3 reasons why you’re not attending TCMA2016 from Julie Christie - The Content Marketing Academy 2016 The Content Marketing Academy 2016

3 reasons why you’re not attending TCMA2016 from Julie Christie

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Don’t underestimate the power of being in a room with 200 like minded individuals who also want to embrace content marketing and make it work for them and their business.

I have made life long friends in the CMA and I’d love to connect with you this year too.

Now, some people don’t get this, but those who do get it, get excited and know they need it. But when it comes to purchasing a ticket they don’t do it.

Here are 3 reasons that stop people from making the move…

1: Can’t take two days out of the business

What you don’t understand is that taking two days out for a conference will give you the focus and the tools that you need to completely transform your working life – it’s only TWO DAYS!

Just work a later a few days to make up for it!

2: Cost

You simply cannot afford to spend £480 on a conference.

The things is, if your business cannot afford £480 then you are the exact person that needs to be in that room more than anyone. Some things are just worth investing in.

The conference will honestly pay for itself over and over again.

3: Don’t feel ready for it

People will say things like “it sounds amazing, I’ll maybe go next year when I’m more established”, or “I think I’ll wait until my website is ready”.

The truth is the perfect time you are waiting for will never ever come, whether you’ve been in business for decades or you haven’t even launched your business yet.

Now is the time to get involved with this.

Now is the time…

My business and my working life has changed beyond recognition in the most positive way imaginable.

I’m now able to focus on the aspect of the business that I’m most passionate about, which is the teaching.

I can honestly say that the Content Marketing Academy conference and membership is absolutely responsible for that.

TCMA2016 takes place in Edinburgh on 2/3 June 2016 – Visit http://www.tcma2016.co.uk for more information.