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10 reasons why I’m attending TCMA 2016 – by Nicola Donnelly

On the 2nd and 3rd June, I will be hanging out at The Content Marketing Academy in Edinburgh. For me – this is the most important business event I will attend this year. More so than trade shows, industry-specific conferences, local conferences and networking events. I am really excited about the next few weeks as the build-up gets going and we all assemble in Edinburgh. In this blog post, I want to share WHY it’s such a key event for me.

Your comfort zone is your dead zone, by Ann Handley

Instead of talking about Content and Marketing as Ann usually does, for this talk Ann motivates and inspires people to jump at the opportunity to do something that scares them.

Ann shares stories from her childhood and recalls the things that scared her.

Thinking back, she realised that when you opt out of the things that scare you, and make you uncomfortable, that it’s more than just getting a bad letter grade…in a way you are failing at life.

Mark Schaefer: How blogging saved my life

In this short and emotional talk Mark Schaefer shares insights into the darkest time of his life and how creating content saved him.

During an 18 month period between 2006 and 2007 Mark suffered from a spate of bad luck, which in turn caused his life to spiral out of control.

Hey! from Amy Schmittauer: Opening Keynote at TCMA 2016

At TCMA 2016 Amy is going to get you thinking about how you can leverage video to grow your business, build your authority and enhance your personal brand.

She’s especially looking forward to meeting those that are not yet using video and help you to get to grips with the medium.

Marcus Sheridan: Why you shouldn’t miss TCMA 2016

Marcus Sheridan was our Keynote speaker at TCMA 2015 in September, and it was far and away the best event that Marcus attended out of the 70+ events he was involved in in 2015.

Marcus is super impressed with the speakers that we have for TCMA 2016, and it’s only a handful of conferences that would have a line up like this United States….and we’ve got them to come over here to Scotland!