Amy Schmittauer - Keynote Speaker TCMA 2016 The Content Marketing Academy 2016

Amy Schmittauer - Keynote Speaker TCMA 2016 Amy Schmittauer

We are super excited to announce that Amy Schmittauer will be joining us at TCMA 2016 as our Opening Keynote Speaker.

Amy will be coming all the way from Columbus, Ohio in the USA to join us at the conference and we look forward to welcoming her with open arms!

Introducing Amy Schmittauer

If you haven’t heard of Amy before, she is the host of Savvy Sexy Social, a YouTube show helping rising stars embrace their amazing personality and share it with the world.

Amy is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, and is known for her edutainment style originating from a YouTube portfolio accumulating more than 10 million views. We are all in for a real treat!

Amy writes, hosts and produces her YouTube show, which airs 3 days a week with an archive of more than 500 episodes. Impacting businesses in almost every country in the world, these advocates have helped Savvy Sexy Social amass more than 2 million YouTube views, giving her portfolio of work over 10 million views.

In 2015, she was voted Best Speaker at Social Media Day San Diego and is held in high regard at Hubspot’s Inbound and Social Media Marketing World.

We are looking forward to meeting Amy and we hope that you are too.

If you can’t wait till then, we managed to grab Amy for 5 minutes to answer some quick fire questions about her content marketing journey.

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Quick fire interview with Amy…

How did your content marketing journey start?

I fell in love with editing video and YouTube in 2008 and that’s how it really started. Just creating content around my life and sharing it with the world. It led to a great learning experience of building community online and being consistent with content.

What does content marketing mean for your business?

It’s everything. I’m a teacher and my customers are the students. When marketing can sound so ugly or hard to small businesses, I want to give them an experience that not only keeps it from being outsourced but a fun and exciting aspect of the business.

What types of content do you publish and how have you implemented it into your business?

I have a 3 day per week video show on YouTube and a 1-2 day per week podcast. Setting time for your own business on a regular basis is critical. This is the time I spend on content creation so it can have my full attention and then I focus on my clients and customers during their scheduled time as well. Balance the tasks with calendar blocking and you’ll get it done!

How has content marketing changed your business?

It makes it possible to exist. Sure basic networking helps me grow my business as well, but there is nothing more powerful than social and search when it comes to helping your customers find you online and without content none of it would be possible. It starts a targeted conversation and helps me convert the leads who are perfect for my product.

For anyone interested in starting content marketing, what tips can you give them?

Know your customer well. Give them a name and picture them no matter what content you’re creating. Until you do that, you’ll just be creating content for yourself and YOU are not your customer. No matter if you’re creating content for business or fun, there is always a target audience in mind and you must keep them in mind to stay consistent. AND THEN JUST START.

To get to know Amy a little better, reach out to her on social:

Amy Schmittauer - Keynote Speaker

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