Colin Gray - The Content Marketing Academy 2016 The Content Marketing Academy 2016

Colin Gray - TCMA 2016 Colin Gray

Colin Gray - UK POD 2014

Colin Gray – UK POD 2014

Colin Gray is a member of our online community and has been involved with TCMA right from the very start back in 2014. We are delighted to announce that Colin will be one of our main speakers at TCMA 2016.

For those of you who don’t already know Colin, he is a Podcaster and Online Educator, and has been teaching Podcasting skills for over 7 years. He works with businesses to promote through broadcast and universities to teach via Podcasting.

Colin’s passion is helping other Podcasters as “The Podcast Host” at His background in online education fuels a range of online podcasting courses, all designed to help Podcasters get up and running and then enhance their shows as they develop. He and his team also offer 1 to 1 support, mentoring and productions services for those looking for a long term Podcasting partner.

These days, Colin produces two Podcasts, one on Podcasting and the other on Mountain Biking, his release outside of the office. PodCraft is the former, a season-based show which tackles Podcasting topics head-on over a series of shows, looking to create a definitive guide each time.

Colin is an experienced speaker, both in podcasting and in the academic world. Most recently he was a main-track speaker at New Media Europe and spoke at Podcast Movement in Texas, USA.

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A short interview with Colin…

Ahead of TCMA 2016, we wanted to give you some insight into Colin’s very own content marketing journey. So we hit him with 5 quick round questions about his content marketing story thus far…

How did your content marketing journey start?

I worked at Edinburgh Napier university in my early career, teaching lecturers how to teach using technology. Podcasting was one element of this – it’s a really innovative and effective way to engage students, so it came up time and time again.

While I was teaching it, I also started to podcast myself and ended up running a couple of shows through the university. This led to writing about the subject, and starting the website, to act as a home for all of this.

After a year or two, I discovered that podcasting has power way beyond education. It can help businesses to grow an audience and promote their products in a really value-adding way, as opposed to pure selling.

Eventually, I left higher education and started work on The Podcast Host full time. There, I offer courses and services which aim to help any person or business start podcasting.

What does content marketing mean for your business?

It’s everything, really! We gain clients through our own content marketing – podcasting, blogging and video. And clients work with us because they see Podcasting as an important element of their own content marketing. Our product is, itself, a method of content marketing, so we wouldn’t be here without it!

What types of content marketing do you do and how have your implemented it into your business?

As above, we do the lot! Podcasting, of course, plus a lot of blogging to complement the audio. We also use a lot of video to teach, and put out a fair bit of social media to engage with our audience.

How has content marketing changed your business?

It CREATED our business! Without the world of content marketing, we wouldn’t exist.

For anyone interested in starting content marketing, what tips can you give them?

Keep it simple to start with. The simpler you keep it, the more easily you can keep it consistent, and that’s the key to building an audience. Find a topic you know well, work out a way to teach the basics in 5 to 10 episodes of content, and then start writing that series. Whether it’s blogging, video or podcasting to start with, create that first series in it’s entirety. Then repurpose it into the other formats. By the end, you’ll have an amazing evergreen resource in a variety of formats, all of which you can promote like crazy to start building your audience.

If you are interested in finding out more about Colin and what he’s up to, you can find him on social media:


Colin Gray: A simple guide to podcasting

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