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Pete Matthew - TCMA 2016 Pete Matthew

Pete Matthew - Speaking - TCMA 2016

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Pete Matthew, based in Penzance, Cornwall, is an active member of our online community and has regularly contributed to various CMA content marketing workshops and classes we’ve ran via conference calling.

We are excited to announce that Pete will be speaking at TCMA 2016 and we can’t wait to learn from his years of experience and success as a content marketing practitioner.

Pete is a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner, and Managing Director of Jacksons Wealth Management, a 90-year established IFA practice.

His content marketing journey started back in 2010, when Pete set up, a website dedicated to financial education, which now has (at December 2015) 297 videos and 140 podcasts covering all aspects of personal finance. This has become more than just a sideline, leading to video commissions, courses and a steady stream of new clients to his practice. In 2015, he won the UK Podcast of the Year award at New Media Europe and his show is frequently in the top ten of UK business podcasts on iTunes.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Pete is going to be an awesome speaker and we can’t wait!

Pete is a busy man, but has always had time for the Content Marketing Academy and we managed to grab a quick 5 mins with him to discuss content marketing!

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Quick fire interview with Pete Matthew

How did your content marketing journey start?

I got started making videos after discovering Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It! I had no designs on it doing anything for my business; I just thought I’d try to get some decent information out there in a manner which was easy to understand.

What does content marketing mean for your business?

Creating content means that I have to think through lots of things for myself, before I can present them in audio or video. Quite by accident, it has meant a steady stream of really high quality new client enquiries to my financial planning practice. It has put me on the map in my profession and I have been asked to speak to peers many times in the last five years, most recently on some well-paid gigs.

What types of content do you publish and how have your implemented it into your business?

Mainly podcasting, but getting back into video and written production. MeaningfulMoney has always been a sideline to my main business, so it has been done mostly in my own time. From early 2016 I will be applying much of what I have learned toward marketing for my brick and mortar practice too, and will be setting aside time each week to create content.

How has content marketing changed your business?

It has transformed the way we ‘do’ marketing, shifting from traditional advertising and sponsorship towards online marketing. We’re not abandoning the old methods, but have added content marketing to the mix. We track our new leads, and in 2014, more new enquiries came from online sources that from the traditional top source, referrals from existing clients.

For anyone interested in starting content marketing, what tips can you give them?

Plan your content at least a couple of weeks ahead. Be consistent – nothing worse than a sporadically updated blog. Find out which medium works best for you and stick to it. Learn the craft and do it well. Plenty of people are doing content badly, simply by being high quality you can stand out. Seek first to help others, and the universe will look after you.

Connect and reach out to Pete on social to keep up to date with what he’s up to:


Pete Matthew: Meaningful content marketing

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